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December 12, 2010
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Sorry for being so late! but theres some reasons...

1) Im helping a friend of mine in a Smash bros style project for the DS!!! Im spending some time making some sprites.

2) Im making some gifts for some dear friends, drawing them (Im almost finished but its been using quite some bit of my time)

3) The season. self explanatory. Im making an x-mas pic also, and making the anime tournament matches isnt that easy

Hope you understand! By the way even if Tsuna looses he is the only representative of his loved franchise, and its the first time a main char faces another main char. So Ill prolly make it bigger wich means itll take more time than usual sorry :P

-credit to Neimad for Sasuke sprites
-credit to Grim for Piccolo sprites
-Dragon Ball (c) Akira Toriyama
-NARUTO (c) Masashi Kishimoto

Perdón por poner esto tan tarde! pero las razones son:

1) Estoy ayudando a un amigo con su proyecto estilo smash bros

2) Estoy haciendo unos regalos para unos amigos queridos que ya no veo y los estoy dibujando (eso tarda)

3) La época. estoy haciendo un dibujo de navidad y las peleas no son fáciles de hacer.

Por cierto aunque pierda Tsuna, es el unico representativo de su serie tan querida, y es la primera vez que dos personajes principales se enfrentan asi que quizas tarde mas de lo esperado la pelea! lo siento!

-credito a Neimad por los sprites de Sasuke
-credito a Grim por los sprites de Piccolo
-Dragon Ball (c) Akira Toriyama
-NARUTO (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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Jeht-Maverick Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
Please tell me you're using Piccolo from the tournament, the one where Piccolo Jr. first fought Goku. MAYBE I'd believe it, but you seem to have pit the Cell Saga version.
dabbido Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha sorry, but this fight isnt about my personal opinion its a tournament where you vote for your favorites, so for example if you pit a tiny toy vs someone from DBZ and the tiny toy gets more votes, then it (?) wins XD So yeah.. sadly in this case Sasuke got more votes so he won. Itd be no fun if only I decided the winners for each match. You can see all the fights so far here: 

(also a bracket)

In fact right now Im currently on 2nd round with Hitsugaya (who won against Renji) Vs Vegeta (who won against Sanji)  As a DBZ Fan I bet you are you wont be too happy to see the results so far. But you can vote just by going to the journal and say "I vote for Vegeta" and that counts xP if not you can wait for the next round wich is Ichigo vs Sasuke. You can also see on that folder I sent, the brackets, so you can see who is next.
Jeht-Maverick Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
Base it on facts, not votes.
dabbido Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol then whats the point of it? we all know Goku would win, so there would be no surprises : P  I want there to be that satisfaction of "I helped voting and that character won"  Sorry, I know its annoying, its just that I decided that while crappy characters might win, it would be the peoples favorite character.  

Imagine (I know theres probably no other franchise as OP as DBZ is, but imagine there was one), and it was a crappy anime/manga whatever, and you love Piccolo, Goku or someone else, but according to statistics that other crappy character is much more over-powered, you would still want to vote for Goku or Piccolo (or a pony perhaps? if that was eligible), since he grew on you, its your childhood memory or something, wouldnt it feel crappy if that other char won automatically cause it says its stronger ?  thats what I thought , otherwise itd still be fun to make the animations according to my own opinions :P, but I somehow feel theres more satisfaction on letting everyone vote for their favorite.  On Hitsugayas case, I think Vegeta would win , but I prefer Toshiro although hes nowhere near as powerful.
Jeht-Maverick Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
I would want them to win, doesn't mean i would vote for them if I knew the facts of who's more powerful.
dabbido Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting... well then just consider this not a "tournament of random anime/manga characters, to choose the strongest one" and consider it a "tournament where the fights are decided by people that want their fave chars to win "  xD Its kinda crappy... but hey at least next time you could vote for who should win.  Speaking of wich, without making a debate who would win between Sasuke and Ichigo ?

realistically speaking Sasuke wouldnt see him to begin with? xD But considering humans could see and attack shinigami... Id probably still go for Ichigo, hes not the strongest of his "world" and Sasuke while having great weapons at his disposal also is not exactly the strongest and isnt as strong as he is seen, he wouldve been done by Raikage, Tsuchikage, Killer B and some others, but technically speaking Ichigo has advantage when it comes to speed and Sasuke in variety? susanoo, sharingan, katon techniques, chidori, etc.

But who do you think would win? Im just curious cause I can see youre good at this.
Jeht-Maverick Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013

Well, keep in mind that in a fight where one is naturally invisible, that is typically taken out for a fan fight to even the field.

I'll list some pros and cons for each character

Ichigo Pros:

-Immense spiritual pressure

-Can stand on air, effectively allowing him to "fly"

-Far faster than the eye can see with his "Shunpo."

-Flexible with his Getsuga Tenshou to make it both a long range and short range attack

-Incredibly skilled swordsman

-Vizard powers increases his power by several times

-Can tap into vast amounts of power when he is weakened

Sasuke Pros:

-Immense chakra

-Can fly with the aid of his cursed seal

-Incredibly skilled swordsman/hand-to-hand fighter

-A vast array of abilities, many of which are long range

-Chidori is a highly flexible technique that costs the roughly same amount for each variation

-Cursed Seal Lvl. 2 power increases his abilities by several times

-Is generally very talented and intelligent for his age

Ichigo Cons:

-Generally inexperienced and is constantly caught unawares

-Getsuga Tenshou is the only attack other than mundane slashes that he actually has

-Usually unable to tap into his full powers until he is severely injured

Sasuke Cons:

-Cursed Seal doesn't exactly grant power, but forces him to use more, causing him to expend far more energy than he typically should for some attacks.

-Chidori is a very high cost attack

-Risks death if runs out of chakra

Based on this, it's difficult to come up with a completely legitimate answer as some of these guidelines are retconned in some way or another based on story, so we don't know the true tale.

But though I generally favor the Naruto universe more, I will have to side with Bleach's champion this time around. If you ask me, the win will go to Ichigo due to his ability to tap into vast amounts of power when things look rough, and for Sasuke's Cursed Seal taking too much of a toll on his body.

dabbido Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha youre very good at this!!! great points of view! I agree with you whole-heartedly. Itd be tight, Ichigo would end up heavily injured and tired but in the end it seems he would win mostly because Sasukes techniques would take too much of a toll on his body and would probably faint or would be unable to continue.  Although I think his Susanoo would protect him quite a bit.

Thanks for your insight! I enjoyed reading through it all! 

Also you might be tired but would you be so kind (and awesome) as to tell me who would you think shouldve won on my fights? if it wasnt vote based? you dont have to explain much, just who would win considering pros and cons ?  to remind you of em its:

-Vegeta vs Sanji
-Toshiro vs Renji
-Piccolo vs Sasuke
-Tsuna vs Ichigo
-Gotenks vs Gohan (in this case since I only had young Gohan sprites, so its kinda unfair, since Gohan wouldnt be able to get past his teen limits)
-Zoro vs Luffy
-Goku vs Sakura (you dont even have to answer this one XD)
-Naruto vs Kakashi

Ill say in my opinion it should be:
-Zoro (?)
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Mugetsu35 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
how did sasuke win :| ?
dabbido Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ikr? sadly I dont choose, I put the fight up like a poll, and the one with most votes win. So more people voted for sasuke = sasuke wins. But I agree Piccolo shouldve won.
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